Road Side Signs - Set 2
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Road Side Signs - Set 2 - Logo Signs and Panels (the big blue signs alone the highways directing you to the next gas station, motel or eatery – Shell, Mobil, Citgo, Motel 6, Best Western, Days Inn, Mc Donald’s, Sonic, Dairy Queen, etc.).


Traffic (Stop, Yield, Road Closed, No Parking, Keep Right, etc.), Warning (8% Grade, Hill, Signal Ahead, No Passing Zone, etc.).


Construction (Fresh Oil, Gravel, Utility Work Ahead, Workers, etc.), Information (Parking Area, Picnic Area, Scenic Area, Tourist Info, Weight Station, etc.).


Speed Limit Signs (Speed Limit 65, Minimum Speed 40, Trucks 60, Night 55, etc.).


The example picture is 2 pages of the 14 you will receive with over 600 items. Others charge $3 or $4 per page for items like this and they are not even the quality of these and here you will receive 14 pages full of items.


Available for immediate download, you will receive this the minute your transaction is complete. Remember it doesn't matter what your preferred scale is you just download your FREE Size and Percentage Chart so you can adjust everything to your scale prior to printing.


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Road Side Signs - Set 2

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